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1Click DVD Copy

Make copies of your DVDs to save space.

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Because of their utility and efficiency, the most popular applications are those that offer solutions to daily problems or those that we previously thought were impossible.

We would be able to record on a single DVD the films that still occupy two of us and for which we have been unable to find a way to minimise their size using 1Click DVD Copy.

This useful programme is compatible with the Windows 7 operating system and makes DVD copies using the CPRx technology. It comes with its own disc burning method, and when recording, it gives us the option of recording only the movie or adding the extras to save space.

When it comes to burning the DVD and saving room, we must keep in mind that shrinking the size reduces the quality of the film.

We may use this programme to reduce the size of a DVD by copying it to our laptop’s hard drive.

It works for both the PAL and NTSC DVD systems.

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