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You can use this incredible tool to record anything that happens on your computer, even video games.

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Action! is a video recording app that allows us to record moving images from our favourite video games in high definition, with sound and great detail.

Of course, in addition to video games, it will allow us to capture the desktop or any other programme that we run on the screen, as well as all of the Aero effects.

When it comes to recording, we will have a plethora of choices. We can choose whether we want to record the whole screen or only a rectangle, whether we want to record the microphone sound or not, the audio format, and the video quality and resolution of the output file.

Other features of the software include the ability to take screenshots in various image formats and the ability to open and close the program’s interface at any time.

Action! is a fascinating programme for users who want to record their own video game videos and post them on the Internet because the output is excellent.

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