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A complete final version of Adobe Acrobat that will last a lifetime. In fact, if you’ve used the free version of this software, you’ve probably come across a slew of features that require an Adobe ID and registration. And those are the main features of Acrobat Professional 2015, which you can now use without the app opening the window every two or three seconds.

This program creates, opens, reads, and prints PDF files.
Inside the text, look for certain terms or phrases.
Modify the font, remove text bits, or whole paragraphs of PDF formats.
Convert PDFs to other file forms and export the material to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or as a gif.
To make a single file, pick several documents and merge them.
Comment on the text and make it available so that everyone will see it.
Changes the order of the pages that make up the book, adding new sheets or deleting any of them.
Sending PDF documents to be digitally signed is now possible.
Forms in PDF format must be filled out and signed.
Protect your documents by using a certificate or password to prevent editing and encoding content.
To find duplicate records, use the PDF file comparison tool.
Creates a single text from several PDFs.
Document synchronization in the cloud allows you to pick up when you left off on another computer.

How do I get Acrobat Pro built and activated?

While the complete version of this app is paid, Adobe provides all users with a 7-day trial period during which they can use it for free and get to know it better before paying the 15 euros per month for unrestricted access.

The program to run with PDF can be installed right away. After entering your Adobe ID on the official website, which is accessible via our download button, you can get an online installer of the software (the same credentials that you enter to download Photoshop or any other tool in the Creative Cloud suite).

You will actually start using the functionality and functions mentioned above after the process is completed and you re-enter your username and password (note that these are strong from Adobe). If you’re done, click the Buy button in the circle that keeps telling you how many days you have left on trial to unlock the final version.

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