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Because of the many artistic possibilities it provides, Adobe Illustrator is the vector design method of choice for many professionals.

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Adobe Illustrator is one of the most commonly used software by graphic design practitioners. Its various functions have made it a go-to tool for designers who deal with vector graphics. It enables the design of intricate logos, labels, drawings, typography, and diagrams for printed and digital media.

Adobe has taken over Macromedia Freehand’s various roles since its acquisition. Your workspace is designed to suit the needs of designers, allowing you to quickly create designs using a variety of resources, screens, and panels that often have what the user requires.


The best illustration software contains a broad variety of roles and features:

• The opportunity to deal with vector graphics.

• The ability to draw on several artboards at the same time.

• Use shimmer, glare, shadow, and gradient effects to create patterns.

• Graphics filtering

• Panels with different choices depending on what’s being treated.

• Interactive tools that allow vector objects to be treated as docked objects.

• Pick individual pieces from one or more artboards, or choose whole artboards.

• Picture bank from Adobe.

Thanks to Creative Cloud, you will keep in touch with all of your resources.

Adobe’s cloud ecosystem has made it easy to have all of the apps linked. This helps you to share your work with not just other resources, but also other computers, making it more fluid. This system further encourages the development of collaborative initiatives.

It also gives you access to Adobe Stock, a graphics resource bank that you can use for Adobe’s various authoring apps, with over 55 million images, graphics, and videos to use as models and starting points for every project.

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