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Alfred for Mac OS can send you to a certain webpage, search for a specific file, open an app, play a song, or even tell you the time. Alfred also allows you to create a custom search engine for use with Spotlight, which is a huge feature that allows you to keep your workflow simple and quick as possible. able to do, but is unable. For example, if you type in “define: Technology” Alfred will tell you the definition of the word. Alfred is also a great way of moving files back and forth from one location to another. Rather than moving stuff around on your desktop and in Finder, you can simply tell Alfred where to move the file to and it will do that for you.

With Alfred you can easily search and browse the content on your Mac, or on the web. Alfred learns how you use your Mac and prioritises results. Save countless hours by using hotkeys, keywords and customising how you want to search your Mac and activity history. Jump in and browse, preview files and take action on them without lifting your fingers off the keyboard.

Alfred is a powerful tool. And it’s free! So it’s a must-have Mac app for anyone who’s looking to save time and be more productive.

Find and view files on your Mac from the Internet, jump in and take action without lifting your finger from the keyboard. With hotkeys, keywords and customizable search options, you can save countless hours with Mac activity history. Alfred learns how to use Alfred for Mac, prioritizes the results and saves them for you. Find, view, search, download, find, edit, delete, navigate, access and find files on both the Mac and the Web.

With Alfred’s clipboard history and snippet function, there is no need to enter or reply to the same URL over and over again.

Use the clipboard to find and paste text or image back into any text or image file you have previously copied, or use Alfred’s clipboard and snippet function to find and paste back into files you have previously copied. To save you hours of typing in the long run, you can create your own snippets, enter shortcuts and expand them to full text snippets.

With the Alfred Powerpack you can complete tasks more efficiently and reduce repetitive manual tasks. There is no need to write a single line of code to create your own workflow; thousands of workflows have been shared by our community of creators and created by community creators. With a few clicks, Alfred’s powerful tools and a simple command line interface, you can create a workflow.

Increase your productivity by controlling your Mac with Alfred’s deep integration into macOS. Control your music player, send system commands, quickly edit files and contacts, and increase productivity while controlling the Mac through Alfred with its deep Macos integrations.

Alfred for Mac’s text expansion feature allows you to instantly insert long strings or paragraphs of text into any app, type quickly and easily, save keystrokes and time every day. For example, you can create an abbreviation for common e-mail responses, large text snippets, or lengthy text that can be used in a variety of situations.

Alfred’s clipboard history keeps track of everything you copy, allowing you to use it later within Alfred. The clipboard history gives you the freedom to copy something that you might not necessarily need to paste now, without having to worry about copying it and then losing track of it.

Lets you seek out files across Mac and memory drive, view the contents of images and look up references in PDFs, documents, and webpages. You can quickly find images from your Mac or add them directly from a website to your Mac. Alfred can also look up definitions and facts from the web in Wikipedia.

Not only can Alfred search for text, data, and images on your Mac and on the Internet, it can also navigate and preview for you. Mac activity history keeps track of all the places you have been on your Mac, all the files you’ve opened, all the activities you have performed on your Mac. It’s a central place to browse where you’ve been and what you have done, to find references, images, links, and text.

Store your passwords securely in a separate location to your web browser, rather than in your browser, where they could potentially be compromised by hackers or malware apps. Access your passwords securely on any network, whether you’re at your office, at home, or abroad, with no need for an internet connection. Enter your logins with a single touch using your iPhone.

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