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Apache OpenOffice

An office suite that can cater to all of the requirements of the workplace. It can do almost anything, and it's still getting better with new features and functions. It's the ultimate Office, and it's free and open to all.

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The software was created with the success of the most common office programmes in mind, so that anyone who has used a similar tool before can recognise the similarities. It is also compatible with plugins from other related applications, making it simple to migrate to full use.

It’s a versatile word processor with features including a word counter, auto-corrector, dictionary, table-creation function, support for extensions like.doc, and the ability to optimise documents in web format. The extension.odt is the regular format in which the application is stored.

The program’s most notable feature is that it is completely free, allowing users to download it and immediately begin using all of its features without restriction. It tries to popularise office suite functions without charging users anything, with excellent performance and the ability to use it for any reason, even business, without paying.

It works for all Windows versions, starting with Windows XP, and is designed for Windows 10. It runs on Linux and OS X, and all you need is a machine with 256 MB of RAM and a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. To mount, you’ll also need 650 MB of hard drive space.

Moreover, users are free to download and install it as many times and on as many computers as they want. It also defines whether it can be used for a variety of purposes, including personal, industrial, educational, and institutional ones.

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