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Download songs, images, and files easily without errors.

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Ares Galaxy is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing programme that has developed itself as one of the best alternatives among other downloaders.

Ares makes it possible (and very simple) to download music, videos, series, text documents, books, and video games.

The most notable feature of Ares in comparison to other similar download managers (such as eMule) is the lack of checking corrupted data, the ability to check file authenticity before downloading, and its immense download speed, which usually take advantage of our bandwidth.

Ares, like other P2P applications, allows you to keep track of your contacts, share directories, preview files as they download, summarize downloads, and search by categories among its large user base. All of this is delivered through a simple and intuitive user interface.

Moreover, the ‘regular’ edition also provides a secondary tool in the form of an integrated audio and video player with playlists and chat rooms.

You will also have access to a variety of live television channels and radio stations, which you will be able to stream. Some of the channels include Telemadrid, RedBull TV, and SportTime TV.

Ares has long been one of the most common torrent file download programmes. The explanation is that there is a long list of advantages where quality and quantity go hand in hand.

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