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On Mac and Windows, you may use this free application to automate clicks.

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Autoclick is a free and portable programme that allows you to record and replicate mouse clicks on certain parts of your computer screen.

The application, like similar apps like GS Auto Clicker or Auto-clicker, records and repeats mouse touches automatically, reducing the need to perform the action manually.

These macro variants are particularly effective in incremental or clicker games, where success is obtained through a continual series of clicks. Aside from the obvious benefit in terms of execution speed, it will also allow you to relax your hand, preventing unnecessary attempts.

Autoclick is a component of auto clickers, a sort of programme comparable to Free Auto Clicker that automates mouse clicks on a certain area or element of the computer screen.

To put it another way, this application replicates mouse touches by acting as though the peripheral button was pressed.

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