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This computer security software is available for free download, with no fine print or hidden costs. Users enjoy a high-quality experience that protects their devices, which is only exceeded by the complete version of AVG Internet Security's availability.

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How do you assist in the management of email surveillance?
Since e-mail is one of the most common vectors for viruses and other infections, AVG AntiVirus Free pays special attention to it. In this regard, links that seem suspicious are blocked, as are links and attachments that could contain a virus in their text.

How do I get AVG AntiVirus Free updates?
To give all users peace of mind when entrusting the good health of their computers to this software, it should be noted that it employs a system that receives alerts in real time without any kind of delay. As a result, the programme will still know when it needs to be updated, and the level of protection will meet user standards.

Is there anything else that AVG AntiVirus Free has to offer?
It also has its own framework for conducting a thorough review of the PC computers on which it is mounted, in addition to these features. The aim is to see whether the computer’s output is acceptable or whether it is lower than average because of a hidden virus.

Are transactions made on the internet covered?
Users would not be protected by the service if they plan to make transactions across the network because this is one of the features that only the paid version provides. While banks and payment gateways have their own security infrastructures, it never hurts to have software that protects itself.

Does AVG AntiVirus Free provide security against phishing and spam?
Although this software provides comprehensive email security, some of the features that are standard in the industry are only available in the premium edition. This is the case with the monitoring of spam and phishing attempts sent via email.

Is it easy to set up AVG AntiVirus Free?
It is easy to see that it is one of the lightest virus and threat combat programmes since the download file is less than 4MB. It runs in the background and consumes no computing resources, so it can be trusted to operate without users being aware of it while it is running.

Can you have customer service?
This feature is only included with the paid version and in this case it is necessary to know that the service is offered only in English. In comparison, the positive aspect is that help can be provided quickly and effectively through online chat or telephone call.

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