You can use this tool to create a 'key file' to protect your documents.

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AxCrypt is a user-friendly and efficient file encryption application that allows users to keep their documents safe wherever they go. The software is notable for its simplicity of use.

After installation, the programme, which uses the 128-bit AES encryption algorithm, smoothly integrates with Windows, adding a new option to the explorer’s context menu.

Once the software is installed, all we have to do to encrypt a file is to click it with the right mouse button, select the AxCrypt option, and give it a password to secure it. 

We may decrypt it the same way or from the programme interface by entering the path to where it is stored.

However, AxCrypt’s capabilities do not stop there, if we want to increase the protection of our records, the software will assist us in creating a ‘key file,’ which must be saved on a portable computer and without which it would be difficult to unlock password-protected files encrypted.

AxCrypt even has a method for the permanent deletion of files and directories, which operates by overwriting the information with random data, making it impossible to retrieve the former except with specialized programmes.

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