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The app acts as a mini bar of its own, allowing you to select which icons remain in your Mac’s main menu bar to access a collapsible bartender’s bar. Keep everything at hand, organize and hide the app anytime in a minimalist, focused working environment. Reduce desktop chaos and keep everything in your hands, and you can hide everything completely with this minimalist approach.

Barkeeper includes features that display app icons while they are updated, synced, or display errors. You can grill the menu bar to keep tabs on your apps with updated or changed status, and it includes a feature that displays the app icon while it is updated or shows an error.

This is a great way to check for updates without causing chaos, and when the process is complete, it disappears. Bartender is equipped with a search function so that you can always access the desired icon. You can click and tap on the search functions to find the app you are looking for, but how do you order the icons?

Barkeeper also supports hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts if you prefer typing to clicking, and this feature is a great addition to the menu bar and search function. You can select the appropriate shortcuts to activate the menu bar without taking your hands off the keyboard. To activate an entry in the menu bar, you need to open it, open it with the arrow keys, then right-click on it and activate it.

Finally, you can easily review the most important information and work with open apps without focusing on a task. Finally, I can easily check and verify all my most important information, and do so simply while I concentrate on my tasks. To complete this masterpiece, Barkeeper supports a feature that adds the latest iOS app icon to the menu bar. Users who enjoy the look of app icons with watchOS on their iPhone will definitely want to add the most recently downloaded apps to the menu bar for easy selection, and the app works in tandem with hotkeys and other features already supported by this menu bar app, including the ability to hide and cache any app icon.

This feature works in a complementary manner with the Bartender Menu Bar application, which shows an app icon in each icon’s menu bar in an orderly manner, and whenever an app is running, it will show the icon in the menu bar.

This is a great way to show an app that you can’t really see what you’re doing. By adding a home-screen icon to the menubar, it is an incredibly simple way of keeping track of the products relevant to you, and this app has everything. I love the idea, and I think we can all agree it deserves a place on the prestigious list of this week’s best applications.

What do you think? Do you love this bar of menubar software? And if so, which app is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or share your own reviews and thoughts!

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