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No matter how methodical and tidy you use your computer, you should be aware that it’s function will be influenced by it: garbage files, internet history, caches… all of this slows down and leaves the machine vulnerable, so it’s a good idea to do routine maintenance.

This is the best method for cleaning and optimizing Windows 10.

If you gather opinions on Internet forums, it won’t be difficult to come to the conclusion that CCleaner is the best utility for improving PC performance. It’s a very easy application to use, thanks to the intuitive gui, which includes functions to restore Windows to its original state.

If you’re not sure what it does, here are the two key roles it performs:

Cleaning: After running a server search, we’ll be able to uninstall all temporary data, cookies, recycling bin files, browsing logs, latest documents folder, and clipboard contents.

Optimize logging: The search looks for any register bugs, as well as duplicate entries, in the Windows registry. Following the show of a list of all issues found, you will choose which entries you wish to fix.

One of the benefits we learn as we use it is that the increased efficiency and acceleration of the operating system often impacts other factors such as privacy protection: the absence of the residue that we left when searching the Internet or past will be features that you will enjoy if you are jealous of your anonymity.

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