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Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

The Battle of Normandy was a watershed moment in the Second World War.

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Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy can become one of your favourite war strategy games if you enjoy games that are faithfully adapted to contemporary history, at least as faithfully as possible.

In Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, you can either play on the side of the Allies to continue the course of history, or you can play on the side of the Germans and try to change the past and create a new present.

The game spans the years leading up to and after the Normandy landings. You’ll quickly realise that understanding which troops you have and what each battalion’s specialties are critical to winning battles, since placing skilled soldiers in an environment that doesn’t correspond to them is a recipe for disaster.

You will be able to pass through four scenarios in this demo created by the developers. It also contains a training fight to help you get used to the game’s mechanics. It has the advantage of having multiplayer mode via TCP enabled, allowing you to play some screens online. 

The scenario designer works in the same way, though you won’t be able to save your creations if you want to see how simple it is to create new custom scenarios that you can then share with other users.

Download Combat Mission: Fight for Normandy and don’t waste time picking up corpses on the beach, getting out of the sand as quickly as possible will save the majority of your army.

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