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Comodo antivirus prevents hackers from gaining access to your device by searching for and blocking all malware, as well as preventing unauthorised access to or from your network.

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Comodo Antivirus is a comprehensive free tool for device disinfection and security.

This free antivirus will keep your machine free of worms, Trojan horses, backdoors, and other malicious malware, as well as providing access security against over 170,000 different viruses that circulate on the internet.

The user can perform deep scans of their local drives, directories, individual files, or the device memory using Comodo Antivirus’s attractive and fully functional interface.

Since not all users have the same needs when it comes to security, Comodo Antivirus gives you the option of choosing between three different levels of protection when it comes to dealing with malware, both when analysing the device and when it comes to access protection.

Furthermore, the software allows us to schedule periodic device scans, produce reports on activities performed, review incoming and outgoing emails, quarantine hazardous files, and receive free updates, ensuring that we are not defenseless against malware’s constant evolution.

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