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A multiplatform text editor that's easy to use.

cuda 3

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CudaText is a reasonably comprehensive cross-platform text editor for Windows, thanks to the vast number of Python plugins available.

This software is designed to make the work of programmers, developers, and code editors much easier.

CudaText launched the first stable version to the market at the end of 2019. The software, which was created in Lazarus, has a variety of options to help improve efficiency in any environment.

All of the work will be easily exportable thanks to the tool’s GUI qualities and decent compatibility with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

CudaText, on the other hand, includes the options of folding code and creating a Code tree. The above would make running a good management of several files or code directories a lot simpler.

The software will also assist us in establishing line relationships as well as installing and uninstalling add-ons. We still have the option of switching to dark mode to give our eyes a break.

CudaText is a fantastic open source editor for which we won’t have any platform limitations. Syntax highlighting will be available for C, C++, JavaScript, Python, and HTML.

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