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With this application, you can create a Wi-Fi access point for your network.

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DAR-WIFI is a tool that allows us to construct a Wi-Fi access point so that other adjacent devices can connect to the Internet even if they are far away from the central router.

We can provide a stable connection to any of our gadgets in this manner, even if they are in a remote part of the house.

We’ll need to create a username and password to utilize the programme, however ‘user name’ and ‘the password’ can be used by default. The main issue is that without both keys, no one will be able to access it.

We can use any combination we want without having to register it, and we can change it whenever we want.

Because there is no limit to the number of devices that can be added to this application, we may connect as many devices as mobile terminals as we want and use them as fixed connection points to extend the signal’s range from home.

In short, it’s a good way to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the house where the signal is weak or doesn’t reach at all.

DAR-WIFI does not require installation and only operates for a short period of time, so if we power off or restart our equipment, all devices linked to the network will lose their connection, and we will have to re-create a repetition point and link one to the rest.

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