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From a single programme, you can manage all of your credentials.

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Dashlane is a personal management application that allows us to effectively save and manage all of our personal digital information, which may be many and crucial.

Dashlane’s simple and effective design, which uses a minimalist interface to segregate all of our personal data and Internet accounts into multiple tabs, is the first thing that draws our attention.

We can include personal information such as names, phone numbers, and addresses. You will  also have a section dedicated to identity cards and credit or debit cards.

All of your browser’s account data will be displayed in a separate tab, but in order to see and manage them, you must first provide the necessary rights.

Users will be able to see not only which sites we are registered on and what their login and password are after this is done, but also the security of these credentials.

Best of all, if users enable the feature, they can instantly identify themselves on any online page.

You may be concerned about the security of having so much information kept in a single application, but Dashlane includes a master password that must be entered before it can be used.

Dashlane is an excellent data management tool. It offers give-and-take features, a user-friendly interface from which to access all of them, and a high level of protection.

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