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Desktop Goose

On your desktop, there's a goose that's marking its territory.

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Desktop Goose is a fun application that allows us to adopt a goose on our computer. However, if we want to carry out this decision, we must think carefully because the animal will not stop trying to get our attention at all times.

We note that the goose is very involved as soon as we start Desktop Goose. The animal would continue to move from one side of our screens to the other, scratching each of our files and diverting our attention away from our tasks by inserting windows with secret messages.

In Desktop Goose, on the other hand, we’ll be able to hear the goose’s footsteps and squawks, as well as see the footprints it leaves across the computer.

In any case, we can always drag it with the mouse to make it go away in a specific location. There will also be times when we must resolve a minigame in order to maintain our composure.

Desktop Goose is a unique resource, not for the impatient, in which we will be accompanied by a goose while spending hours in front of our computer. 

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