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For all of your documents, this is the best search engine.

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When unsuccessful methods are used to search for records, it can be fruitless. On the other hand, the picture improves when a programme can read and index the content of all available documents.

DocFetcher, a software that indexes documents in Office, OpenOffice, AbiWord, PDF, and a variety of other formats, accomplishes this. Searching is as easy as typing into the box at the top of the browser, and the results will appear immediately and on several pages.

Filters such as the minimum and maximum file size, as well as the file form, are available in DocFetcher. In a separate screen, we can see what we’ve discovered. An indicator displays the number of matches inside the paper, which DocFetcher will highlight in yellow.

Only an incomplete interface, in which the positioning of various elements could be improved, clouds DocFetcher’s strength. Otherwise, indexing is not automatic, but you can force DocFetcher to update its index by pressing F5.

Indexing libraries have been modified.

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