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Dolphin - Wii Emulator

One of the best emulator to play the Wii and the Gamecube on your computer.

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Dolphin is, without a doubt, the best Nintendo Wii and Gamecube emulator available right now. It allows us to play virtually the entire Nintendo desktop console catalogue without difficulty.

What’s more, the visuals would be superior to those of the original consoles. This is due to the Wii’s hardware’s lower performance compared to current graphics cards, which can display high-definition games.

Configuring Dolphin can be difficult because we have so many options for improving efficiency and lowering graphic quality.

Furthermore, we have complete control over the Wii functions, including the ability to attach the Wiimote to our PC (as long as we have an adapter). Of course, all games should be controlled with an Xbox 360 controller.

Dolphin is the most common Wii emulator. Furthermore, it is constantly updated, so a game that does not work for us one day will run like silk the next.

This is a must-have for Nintendo fans and video game fans in general.

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