Doxillion Plus

With this tool, text documents can be converted in a few simple steps.

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Doxillion Plus is a Windows conversion application that lets us adjust the format of text files on your device. The tool makes it simple and painless to transform a large number of extensions.

Doxillion Plus is simple to use, and like other NCH Software apps like Pixillion, one of the most valuable aspects of its use is the ability to transform whole directories of files without having to carry out the process in a straightforward manner. 

To convert the files in Doxillion Plus, simply drag them into the work environment, and the programme will perform the conversion once the format, final document dimensions, and destination folder have been selected.

Any text file can be converted to doc, docx, html, odt, pdf, rtf, txt, and xml using this tool.

Doxillion Plus is a simple application for users who want to transform text documents in a few simple steps.

Compatibility issues between files can be resolved in a matter of seconds with this software.

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