Droppix Recorder

Burn audio, video, picture, and other types of files to CDs and DVDs.

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If you have a lot of important data on your computer as a result of your studies or work, or simply because you are a music or movie fan who records a lot of CDs and DVDs, and you want a computer programme that has all the options for different types of recordings and formats, we recommend Droppix Recorder, the Swiss army knife of CD and DVD recorders.

You will be able to record music, videos and movies, images, documents, programmes, compressed files, and all types of documents in any format with Droppix Recorder, ensuring that not a single bit of information from each file’s original quality is lost.

Each disc you record will be added to a registry, allowing you to make a duplicate anytime you need it. It’s a user-friendly application with a graphical interface and intuitive quick-access icons.

It has a wide range of configuration choices, from the most basic to the most advanced.

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