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EMDB Eric's Movie Database

Organize and manage your movie library with this software. EMDB is a simple piece of software that assists in the organisation of your movie library.

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EMDB is a programme that helps you to organize your movie library. EMDB, like many other applications of this sort, does not require the user to submit information about a movie. 

This tool simply specifies the title of the film and allows EMDB to collect data from the Internet.

The programme uses IMDB as a source of information (Internet Movie DataBase or www.imdb.com). The following are some of the data fields that EMDB can store; title, alternate name, version, director, nation, year, duration, genre, story, actor names, format, languages, resolution, source, and so on.

A thumbnail of the movie art is also retrieved and saved by EMDB.

Furthermore, in its most recent editions, this tool has experienced a significant shift toward a lot more appealing design, with the opportunity to choose between different characteristics (modern, dark, or classic) and a much more intuitive grouping of settings and menus.

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