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Evernote is a note-taking, organisation, task-management, and archiving tool.

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Evernote, a Mac and Windows programme that allows clipping of any document on the device or from an online resource and organising and categorising it according to various criteria, has succeeded in gathering all of the textual and graphic information for which we are working in one place.

Each snip has its own thumbnail in Evernote. When the mixed or thumbnail views are picked, the selected crop is shown on the right. Safari clippings show text and photographs, as well as the source from which they were taken. 

Firefox can only copy plain text, not photographs. Tags can be used to organise annotations, and different filters can be used to find them.

Evernote’s ability to recognise text in images it holds is one of its most striking features, but it must first process the images in order to do so. Both textual and visual search results are found by the search engine.

Evernote’s information is accessible through the Internet from any location or computer. In addition, in order to use the app, you must first build a free user account, which allows you to upload up to 40 MB of data per month with the following restrictions: 20,000 text notes, 270 web clippings, 11 high-resolution images, 40 audio clippings, etc.

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