Explore & Burn

Explore & Burn is a simple add-on that allows you to record CDs and DVDs from the context menu of Windows Explorer.

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Explore & Burn is a simple tool that allows you to burn all types of multimedia files to DVD and CD in a comfortable and fast manner. 

It does have one minor flaw, however, in that it does not have its own graphical interface. Instead, it is incorporated into Windows Explorer, and this task can be completed through him.

Since it doesn’t need its own graphical interface and instead operates through Windows, it uses less device resources.

The core features and roles of Explore & Burn: 

Its key feature is that it integrates with Explorer using IMAPI 2.0 technology (which is needed in Windows XP and Windows 2003).
The application’s burning wizard provides a progress bar, compatibility with double-layer DVDs, and the ability to burn ISO files, allowing you to refine the current one in Windows.

You don’t need to search any further for a DVD file burning programme that is simple to use and access while consuming minimal resources; simply download Explore & Burn now.

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