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Using a browser like Chrome or Firefox to access Facebook from Windows isn't needed. From your desktop app, you can access the social network.


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If there is a social network that is unquestionably the best, it is without a doubt the one founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and originally intended for Harvard University students. With over 1.7 billion users and expected to cross 2 billion in a short time, Facebook has surpassed all other social media platforms to become the world’s most influential network.
What is behind this surge in popularity? Perhaps because it has become a way to keep in touch with friends who are more difficult to see in person, perhaps because it has become a way to keep up with the latest news in the world, perhaps because it is an Internet window where you can entertain yourself by discovering videos and other viral content, perhaps because of its addictive games like Candy Crush or Farmville that later arrived, or perhaps because it is a way to keep in touch with friends who are more difficult to see in person. We don’t know for sure, but it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.
While it is becoming more popular to link to the Menlo Park social network through an Android or iOS mobile application, primarily because of the ability to be linked 24 hours a day and the immediacy of uploading images and live videos and tagging friends, As things stand, many people continue to log into Facebook from their Windows PC. While the vast majority of people use the browser-based web version, you should be aware that there is also a desktop client for the Microsoft operating system that is more relaxed and straightforward.

How do I get Facebook on my PC, install it, and update it?
This network’s desktop client is only available on machines running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. (we are sorry, if you still run Windows 7 you will not be able to use this application). To get it, simply click on our Download button, wait for it to download to your PC, and then run the APPX file that has been downloaded.
Simply log in with your normal credentials and you’ll be able to use Facebook with a much more modern interface than the web version, with no loss of features. And what about updating the app? If you believe you are using an out-of-date version, simply return to Malavida to see if a new edition is available to download and replace the old one.

Facebook for PC’s key features and functions
As previously mentioned, this desktop application has all of the features that have made this social network the best in the world, so you won’t miss out on something from the web or smartphone versions.
Upload images, videos, record live videos, log visits, tag mates, or express your feelings by updating your status.
Comment on your contacts’ posts and respond to their images or updates to keep up with the latest news on your page.
Access all of your contacts and publications where you’ve been listed updates.
Add new friends, search for people you meet, and accept or reject friend requests.
As long as you have the Messenger programme installed on your phone, you can chat with your contacts from the same GUI.
To see all of your invites or to find out whose birthday is coming up next, look at your schedule of upcoming activities.
Access your profile and make changes to your information, biography, cover photo, and profile photo.
Organize your images into folders and look at other people’s sets.
Set up the app and customise who has access to your images and posts by paying attention to your security and privacy settings.
Posts that you find interesting can be saved and read later.
Access and customise native Facebook applications like games and other fun features.
To make your publications more expressive, download emoticon packs.
All of your groups, whether private or public, are available.

What’s new in the most recent release?
Improvements in speed and dependability.

Additional knowledge and requirements:
Windows 8.1 is the minimum operating system standard.

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