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When using Facebook on a Windows or a Mac, you don't have to download a browser like Chrome or Firefox. From their web app, you can reach the social network.

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Many people choose to login to Facebook from their Windows PC, despite the fact that using an Android or iOS smartphone app to link to the Menlo Park social network is becoming more popular, owing to the opportunity to be linked 24 hours a day and the immediacy of sharing live images and videos and tagging friends when events occur. Even if the vast majority do so directly from the mobile version accessible from a browser, you should be aware that there is also a more convenient and simple desktop client for the Microsoft operating system.

How do I get Facebook on my PC, install it, and upgrade it?

This network’s desktop interface is only usable on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 machines (sorry, if you are still running a Windows 7 you will not be able to use this application). To download it, simply press the Download button, wait for it to download to your PC, and then run the APPX file that has been downloaded. Since the software is just over 160 MB, it may take a while to download depending on your network, but you’ll be able to update it and start exploring your timeline from your device shortly.

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