facefilter 2

FaceFilter Studio 3

Retouch the faces of the people that appear in your pictures to make them look better.

facefilter 3

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Image file editor is a photo editing software that distinguishes itself from other editing programmes by concentrating its efforts on the faces of the people in the photographs.

We will be able to retouch images for this application, concentrating on people’s factions and expressions, which we can also modify, so the changes will be important.

All without the need for prior retouching knowledge, because the programme has a very intuitive interface that will guide us through the process, and it has templates and many of the processes are automated to generate the best ones on people’s faces, so the results will continue to surprise us and you will be able to create some magazine cover images on photos with very little effort.

At the same time, we can give the application a comic feel by generating exaggerated expressions and deformations on people’s faces, causing them to take on a very amusing shape.

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