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For both Mac and Windows, a small and easy image editor.

fireal 3

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FireAlpaca is a simple image editing programme that allows you to tweak and edit your photos using an interface that is more accessible and user-friendly than other popular image editors such as GIMP or Photoshop.

As a result, the number of tools available is limited. With layers, magic wands, and gradient brushes, it provides enough options and tools to retouch and edit images and photographs without difficulty.

This application also comes with a slew of keyboard shortcuts (some of which will be recognizable to Photoshop users) to make navigating it even easier.

The time it takes to learn all of the relevant shortcuts is an advantage of the fact that it has relatively limited options.

FireAlpaca is a fantastic alternative image editor since it is really light and simple to use, yet it has enough quality to edit almost any image.

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