Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer Edition is a lightning-fast browser that includes cutting-edge developer tools and cutting-edge features such as support for CSS Grid and framework debugging.

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The Mozilla Foundation maintains an alternate client to its stable option through which they distribute trial versions of their browser that will eventually be distributed officially. 

Firefox Developer Edition takes over from the Aurora channel, providing an updated version of the browser every month, while also including web development-related features.

This version includes several utilities for creating, editing, and testing projects on a variety of devices and browsers, as well as a drop-down menu on the toolbar that encompasses all new features. It includes the WebID system, a development kit for creating web pages or applications for Firefox OS, as well as an extension that enables us to view and edit projects on other devices.

Additionally, the ability to inspect the page’s source code and modify HTML and CSS code directly from the browser while viewing the changes in real time are included. 

Additionally, it includes debugging and performance analysis features that enable us to check the network’s status when making online requests or to view a change log of all our interactions with a website.

At the standard user level, the only difference between this version and the original Firefox is the dark visual theme and the aforementioned inclusion of features not yet available in the stable channel, making this version ideal for developers as well as those looking to stay current with their favorite browser.

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