With this application, you can download Netflix episodes and movies.

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FlixGrab is a Windows application that allows you to download any Netflix content to your local computer.

We may watch series and movies at any time without having to be connected to the Internet thanks to this app. It’s worth noting that Netflix already has an offline download mode built into its User interface, although it’s currently confined to a subset of the catalog.

We will have the advantage of being able to store any of our favorite productions on our hard drive and watch them at any moment using FlixGrab.

The programme allows us to select from a variety of video resolutions in order to strike a balance between the downloaded content’s quality and its size.

We merely need to copy the URL of the video we want to download, and then click ‘paste’ to generate the conversion and storage. We can also download many chapters of a series or a movie at the same time.

FlixGrab will ensure that we may watch a new episode of our favorite series in good quality and without the hassles that poor connections bring, even if we are on a plane, in the mountains, or in a hotel without WiFi.

To be able to download content, we must first have an active Netflix account.

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