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With just a hand gesture, you can control your music.

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Flutter is a small programme that, once installed, allows us to monitor the playback of music on our computer in part by raising our hand in front of the webcam.

The app is compatible with iTunes, Spotify, Winamp, and Windows Media Player, allowing us to use it with the most common media players available today.

Furthermore, although it is mostly used for audio, it can also be used to pause videos when used with Windows Media Player.

Unfortunately, this iteration of the software is still in its early stages, and the only commands it knows right now are pause and play, so we won’t be able to adjust the volume, which would be extremely useful.

After the software is launched, it will remain hidden in the taskbar, allowing us to switch off the webcam by simply clicking on its icon.

Regular users of any of the four programmes listed in the second paragraph would find Flutter to be a very useful addition, as it allows them to pause their music with something much more comfortable than a press.

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