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Framing Studio

Framing Studio is a fantastic application that belongs to the Design & photography software group, with the subcategory Retouching & Optimization (more specifically Frames).

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Even though we typically associate the word “frame” with the video industry, it literally means “frame.” As a result, the program’s name is Framing Studio, and it allows us to frame all of our images, giving them a fresh look and presentation that emphasizes their content even more. It’s the same thing we’ve done all our lives, except now in digital form.

The Framing Studio download gives you access to a vast selection of pre-designed frames in which you can frame your images, selecting the one that best suits you based on color, subject matter, or even your point of view. 

All of this while understanding that you are not limited to only the ones it provides, as you will be able to create your own variations based on your preferences.

Framing Studio rounds out the toolkit with a collection of functions for simple image treatment and retouching, including the ability to adjust color and brightness, make cuts, and alter the scale.

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