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Making jokes about your pictures is a lot of fun with this programme.

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You can create amusing pictures of your friends and acquaintances with FunPhotor. You can put yourself, your friends, or your family on $100 bills, become an astronaut, or appear on a poster in just four stages.

You can play original pranks on your friends with a little creativity and over 100 different high-quality models. The various models are divided into categories such as sports, movies, sketches, and so on. Often choose the pattern first, followed by the photograph in question (it allows you to import photos from cameras that are connected to the computer).

FunPhotor is more of a fun game than a serious photo editing application. Yet the, the results are excellent and entertaining.

It stands out for its ease of use; in just four measures, you can create stunning compositions.

Choose a template, then pick the protagonist’s picture, adjust it to suit the scene (change the image’s scale, orientation, colour, brightness, and contrast) and save it in the most appropriate format. suitable for you (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF or TIF).

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