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Tencent's official emulator. GameLoop is a free Android emulator for Windows that allows you to play mobile games on your PC and Mac.

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GameLoop (previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy) is a Tencent-developed official emulator that allows us to comfortably play the best Android games on our PC.

From PUBG Mobile to Arena of Valor, as well as other must-haves like Cyber Hunter, Clash Royale, and others.

The emulator is available in several languages, and the interface is simple enough that anyone without any experience with emulation or virtualization software can install and run any game.

Simply select the game you want to play, it will automatically launch, and you will be ready to play!

If GameLoop is installed, you can use the software to try out some of the titles in its collection to see how ‘the magic’ works.

When the game starts, you’ll notice that the controls have already been pre-configured to conform to keyboard and mouse control, saving you the trouble of having to map them yourself. All is set up and ready to play.

GameLoop is a fantastic virtualization platform developed by Tencent specifically for the games it distributes. It is one of the best utilities on the market in terms of compatibility and efficiency.

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