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One of the most useful free tool to learn algebra, geometry, and calculus.

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GeoGebra is an open source programme that was created specifically for learning and teaching geometry, algebra, and calculus.

The software enables us to manage ourselves in a comfortable manner by providing a graphical environment in which we can perform a wide range of functions and graphical representations.

It’s a dynamic calculation tool that changes the graphic representation in real time as we change values, making it a very useful tool in the academic field, whether for students or as an illustration canvas for teaching staff.

It encompasses a wide range of operations, from basic geometric calculations to the representation of functions, derivatives, and integrals. Furthermore, you can export the results in a variety of graphic formats, including SVG vector layers.

This modularity is particularly intriguing when you consider the countless examples created by other users and made accessible to all through the official website’s online catalogue.

In conclusion, GeoGebra is a very appealing choice for students who want to develop their subject knowledge in the most convenient way possible.

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