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With this app, you can make your own sample-based music.

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Giada is a music-making software that allows anybody to make their own compositions using a library of samples and loops that can be used in real-time sessions.

The software will play up to 32 samples at once, which you can customize to play in various types of  ‘loops’ or only once.

You can also use the program’s interface to trigger and deactivate each of the samples you’ve loaded by simply pressing the key that corresponds to it (each of the keyboard keys is paired with a sample).

Of course, you can keep track of our compositions so that we can find the ones that work best for you. It is as easy as gradually altering the program’s several parameters to achieve a good rhythm.

Giada is a lot of fun to use when it comes to making music. A tool that was planned, in theory, for Disk Jockeys but is now open to all users due to its ease of use.

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