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Ginger Chrome Extension

No more Chrome browser errors. Use Ginger for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms!

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✅ Checked by CloudScan™

Ginger is the world’s top contextual grammar and spellchecker, which, thanks to an algorithmic tool, successfully identifies up to ten times the errors over a proofreading software.

Ginger software spell and grammar checks are available in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Google+, blogging platforms (such as WordPress, Blogspot, and LiveJournal), and any other application that uses Rich Text Input. We are working hard to support more applications in the near future.

Ginger understands the context of a sentence using a patent-pending algorithm, allowing it to correct writing errors more accurately based on the context of the sentence.

Improve your English by checking grammar and spelling for free when using Chrome with Ginger, especially if you are an ESL (English as a second language) user.

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