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With this powerful application, you can capture your PC's screen.

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GOM Cam is a strong but easy-to-use programme for capturing and recording your computer screen.

GOM Cam is a more than successful choice, whether you want to do video tutorials on YouTube, devote yourself to the gaming world, or simply record Skype conversations with your loved ones. It allows you to do all of this and more in a very easy, but very complete way.

Its features include a zoom to concentrate on the tiniest information, the ability to capture still images, the ability to schedule videos, the ability to draw on film, and the ability to add video effects.

All you have to do now is choose if you want to capture the whole screen or only a segment and click the record button.

GOM Cam also records your computer’s output sound, allowing you to improve the quality of these recordings, making them more dynamic and reducing post-production editing time.

GOM Cam will become your greatest ally when it comes to capturing screens because it uses so little of your CPU and has so many features.

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