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With this fantastic tool, you can easily build virtual local networks.

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Remote networking has never ever been easier than it is with Hamachi. It’s a free programme that allows us to build virtual local networks without having to worry about configuring our firewall or other link parameters.

The software establishes VPN communication between two or more computers using a secure IP link and following the structures of a P2P network, allowing them to perform all sorts of tasks as if they were locally linked, such as playing video games or accessing files in a shared folder.

Once we’ve signed up for Hamachi and created an account, we’ll be given a virtual IP address that will serve as our identifier each time we connect to the programme from the same device.

This software, which allows the development of a room to which up to five users can link in its free version, will enable you to securely create contact between two computers without space limitations or cables.

The number of rooms in which we can concurrently engage is limitless. In addition, the utility provides an instant messaging service that allows us to communicate with other linked users as well as a brief tutorial to use it.

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