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Hulbee Desktop

For the desktop, a powerful file explorer is available.

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Since we have so much info, files, and documents on our computers, we need a search engine to find something by name. Hulbee Desktop is a desktop search engine that provides a lot of features. It’s a good alternative to the Windows search engine.

For instance, Hulbee Desktop indexes the entire contents of the disc, or discs if you have several discs. You can check the indexing status at any time.

You can search by keyword or filter by file type from the main Hulbee Desktop window (document, email, image, audio, video, files, folders, and others). A keyword cloud is also available in Hulbee Desktop.

When you look for something, the results come up right away. These findings can be filtered by date (today, yesterday, this week, this month, this year) and size (small, medium, large) (small, medium, large, very large).

Hulbee Desktop incorporates the Windows context menu so you can perform the most common activities including opening, copying, and emailing a file. But the best part is that Hulbee Desktop will display the most popular formats: videos, songs, photographs, and PDF documents are all previewed for easy viewing.

With Hulbee Desktop, you can view files in three different ways: list, preview, and collage. The first method is the quickest for viewing indexed files. You will see the quality of the preview. The collage is more eye-catching than practical.

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