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ImageGlass is a small, open source photo viewer that was created to replace Windows Photo Viewer. It supports all image formats, including GIF and SVG.

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ImageGlass is the image viewer you’ve been waiting for to take the place of Windows’ default image viewer.

This tiny application opens PNG and GIF files easily and without the issues that can occur when using your computer’s viewer.

The use of RAM memory to preload the photographs is critical to the tool’s proper operation. The image succession becomes much more fluid as a result of this function.

JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, and TIFF are just a few of the common formats supported by ImageGlass. You may also adjust the size and orientation of the images from this viewer.

It has a clear and clean interface that consists of a main window that displays the images and a toolbar at the top that allows you to rotate, scroll, zoom, and even directly upload them to Facebook.

You can also adjust the context, enable full-screen view, show thumbnails, and navigate the menu with ease using other ImageGlass features.

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