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Internet Cafe Simulator (GameLoop)

Internet Cafe Simulator is a popular simulation game for young people that can be downloaded for free on Mac and PC from GameLoop.


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Tencent’s GameLoop tool helps you to play Android games on your computer. This installer instals an emulator along with the Internet Cafe Simulator video game, allowing it to be played on Windows and Mac by adapting the control system to use a keyboard and mouse. 

It is not important to have any special knowledge because it is a tool that installs anything you need to play automatically.

After you begin your adventure in Internet Cafe Simulator (GameLoop), all you have to do is follow the instructions that will appear on the screen from time to time. One of the most striking aspects of this work is that it will give you a very authentic first-person experience. 

Furthermore, all spaces are built in three dimensions, improving your gaming experience even further. As if that weren’t enough, you can imagine the situation in which you are in any of the possible angles simply by sliding your finger over any region of the interface.

As you can see, Internet Cafe Simulator (GameLoop) uses the same mechanics used in most simulators. In this scenario, your mission would be to open your own cybercafe by installing computer equipment and recruiting employees. 

Of course, bear in mind that, just as in real life, you’ll have to pay the rent. So, as you see fit, try to grow your company by strategically investing.

Internet Cafe Simulator (GameLoop) is a fun simulator in which you’ll have a blast working and engaging with your surroundings until you’ve managed the best cybercafe ever.

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