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Iriun Webcam

You can use your smartphone as a webcam for your computer.

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Iriun Webcam is a programme that allows us to use our Android phone as a webcam for our PC or Mac. If we need to use video in programmes like Zoom or Skype, we won’t need to use an external camera because this utility can handle the image transmission.

Iriun Webcam is easy to use, and we just need to follow a few basic steps to transform our smartphone into a webcam. The first step is to download both the software for the mobile device and the application for the PC or Mac that we will be using.

Following that, you must keep all devices linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

We can begin the link by selecting the same network on both the smartphone and the device. To do so, simply pick the Iriun Webcam option as the default camera hardware in the video call software.

Following that, we’ll have everything ready to start the video broadcast with the quality provided by the smartphone’s lens. In reality, the software is compatible with resolutions up to 4K, allowing us to achieve optimal results.

If we don’t have a webcam, the Iriun Webcam has a really easy operation that will help us get out of a lot of trouble.

After completing the link process, we’ll be able to use any smartphone as a camera in each video call.

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