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Java Fabled Lands

Adaptation of the Fabled Lands gamebook series. The Fabled Lands series is a collection of interconnected fantasy gamebooks for solitary play.

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Java Fabled Lands (JaFL) is a digital adaptation of the famous Fabled Lands game book series, which debuted in the mid-1990s.

Only six of the twelve books were supposed to be published, but due to a general lack of interest in the genre, only six of them were ever published. This translation includes the first six novels, which have been painstakingly and lovingly converted to digital format.

The first thing to remember while playing Java Fabled Lands is that we will need Java to be installed on our machine.

Playing is as easy as double-clicking the executable, selecting one of the six available books, and starting to read once we’ve met this requirement.

Anyone who has ever played a game-book would be familiar with the Java Fabled Lands game system. The biggest difference from typical game-books (the actual paper ones) is that we won’t have to manually turn the pages or keep track of our character. Both of these steps will be completed automatically.

For example, if our character is attacked by a monster and sustains three wounds, the damage is immediately decreased. Similarly, if one of our decisions leads us to a website, all it takes is one click to get to the page in question.

For fans of game-books, adventures, and role-playing games in general, Java Fabled Lands is a real treat. 

We can find six entire books, very re-playable, with plenty of content to keep us entertained for hours, days, and even weeks, within this tiny executable of only 3MB.

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