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A one-of-a-kind tool for quickly freeing up space on our hard drive.

kcleaner 3

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KC Software with its KCleaner app is a utilities and tool programme. The app is designed to clean hard drives with more user-friendly tools.

It has the ability to locate and delete any junk files in order to free up device resources. Users can now save essential files such as documents, audio, photos, images, and other media.

This programme has a fully automated mode that runs in the background of the device, allowing users to resume their normal activities. For someone who is worried about data protection, it includes KC Software’s protected file deletion.

Junk files that have been deleted are permanently lost. Users should be assured that the app can track a large number of junk files. Controlling can files are deleted is possible in Expert or Pro mode.

It also supports internationalisation for the benefit of all users.

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