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Medal of Honor: Airborne

In the Second World War, there was a war game and an air attack (saga)

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If you enjoy computer video games, especially those involving war or aeroplane attacks, now is the time to get Medal of Honor Airborne!

One of the most famous sagas in recent memory returns, with the storey set around the island of Sicily in July 1943, where you will lead an air assault on Commander Boyd Travers’ soldiers, with so much excitement and adrenaline that you will not have time to breathe!

This game has been crafted with high-definition sound to give you a much more realistic experience, as well as high-quality graphics to enable you to live every moment with the greatest emotion. To shoot down enemy jets, put your aircraft handling skills and shrapnel aim to the test.

Electronic Arts created Medal of Honor Airborne, which has become one of the most successful Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 games. If you haven’t seen any of the previous episodes, this is a great place to start, and if you have, don’t wait any longer to try out the new version!

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