menofwar 2

Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Become a new member of the attack team.

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Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is the second episode of a new season. This installment of the Men Of War saga is just as thrilling as the previous ones. 

In this scenario, the operation is carried out by an attack team tasked with carrying out extremely dangerous missions all over the world during World War II’s most difficult moments.

This installment includes a new cooperative game mode with sabotage missions and small skirmishes aimed at lowering the enemy’s morale and war machine’s morale. Throughout these small missions, you will be required to travel through all open fronts, including Russia, Europe, and Japan. 

With almost unlimited gameplay, this expansion pack brings players to the Second Great War. It’s time to put the best foot forward. You do not need to have any other version of the game to play this episode of Men Of War.

The majority of the missions are focused on true events that have been contrasted so that they can be developed as accurately as possible. 

The gameplay has reached a critical point in this instalment of skirmish warfare, and it is almost impossible for any player, regardless of their skill level in the game, to fail to follow the action.

Without a question, a fun war game.

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