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Microsoft Office 2007

In word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, Microsoft Office has developed itself as the office suite that has set standards and trends.

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Microsoft Office has been among the best productivity softwares that has set expectations and patterns in word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations since the early 1990s.

Microsoft Office 2007, the most recent edition, has dared to make drastic changes in more than one region, beginning with its new graphical interface, called Fluent. Microsoft Office 2007 uses a tab bar with wide, well-organized buttons instead of the traditional collection of bars and menus.

The graphic changes also apply to Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Publisher’s other pages. Microsoft Office 2007 will insert SmartArt into a variety of graphics, giving them a far more appealing look than previous models.

The new Powerpoint modelling framework, which allows you to preview the change in appearance by hovering over one of the style thumbnails, is even more impressive. Microsoft Office 2007 includes support for multi-processor calculations and colour grading in cells in Excel.

If you can get used to the new look, the beauty, strength, and possibilities of each application will astound you. Microsoft Office 2007 demonstrates that it is once again the finest office suite available.

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