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Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus

As compared to the previous office suite, Microsoft Office 2013 has a lot of new features. It now works well in the cloud and has a big visual overhaul.

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The most widely used office suite now has a finished edition. Microsoft Office 2013 is a completely redesigned application that takes advantage of Windows 8’s debut. It includes essential new features that go beyond the GUI, such as enhanced cloud integration that enhances user collaboration, and the renewal of the conventional resources in the kit, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, OneDrive, Lync, OneNote, InfoPath, and so on.
The updates in Microsoft’s office suite aren’t just cosmetic. Aesthetic changes are welcomed, but not at the expense of the features and functions for which it is regarded as the most appropriate office suite of utilities. Furthermore, new enhancements have been introduced to help users better manage their time and get more out of the Internet.

Key Characteristics:
Many of the office suite’s products now have a new Metro graphical GUI.
Two main user interfaces: desktop and laptop modes, as well as a tablet GUI.
For Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 there is an exclusive version.
Microsoft has launched a new Office Store. Get new add-ons to spice up your documents with dynamic content.
Import of PDF files has been improved.
Microsoft 365 allows for full integration with Microsoft cloud services.
Skype is included.
With the same licence, you can install the app on up to 5 computers.
Office programmes can be streamed to other devices.
Full integration with OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) allows you to view and upload any document from anywhere.
Personal settings are accessible from anywhere.

What does it do to Office 2010?
The successor to Office 2010 and the forerunner to Office 2016 introduces a slew of new features that enhance the previous edition’s capabilities. The greatest novelties occur at a visual or graphic stage, in addition to its greater incorporation in the cloud, thanks to OneDrive and Office 365, which we have already discussed:
The Ribbon GUI has a new look, which is flatter than before.
Word and Excel now have new animations.
A fully redesigned home screen.
Inside the Word processor, new graphic options have been added.
Possibility of resizing and transferring graphic elements to suit perfectly within page and paragraph limits.
PowerPoint now has new animations, transitions, and slide models.
Excel cells now have new numerical limits for the values they hold.
The Internet has evolved into a job site, and Office capitalises on this by bundling Microsoft 365 into the same box. The collaborative possibilities of use improve as a result of OneDrive’s ability to store all of the work and make it available from anywhere, making synchronisation tasks easier. Furthermore, a single licence can be used to install the suite on up to five separate machines, which is a feature that users would undoubtedly appreciate.

Additional knowledge and requirements:
This is a 60-day trial edition that you can use.
It is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.
To mount, you’ll need to burn the image to disc.
You need to have a Windows Live ID account.

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